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"Tomorrow’s Wonders" by Grant Kirkhope.

Summer’s been a dream — but I guess I gotta go back and learn or something. I’m excited, I guess: I’ve got a job! And I’m gonna finally be concentrating on my major! There’s also that thing about acting classes (I hope my professor isn’t one of those scarf wearing ninnies, no offense Europeans). Though by the look of this post, you might rightly suggest I retake English. Gufar!


Not much time left before that, but I’m glad I could spend my lazy days with wonderful people. I wish I could have seen more of them…and there are still some people I didn’t see at all. But I’m hoping our friendship will outlast this summer, and summers yet to come. 

Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s wonders

(If you think I’m corny, you’re probably right)